Some Of The Various Types Of Swords Available And Why They Are So Popular

Thanks to Hollywood heroes like Antonio Bandarras playing Zorro and Tom Cruise playing the Last Samurai, we have seen a resurgence in the sword market. Individuals are at least asking about swords if not actively seeking to buy them. And why not, they make some pretty neat show pieces if you prefer the martial arts style of decorating.

Several different types of swords exist. Interested buyers can find just about any desired sword, from the medieval broad swords to the fencing swords to Cavalry sabers to swords with Asian influence in them if they just know where to look. Dozens of websites and stores carry different styles.

Think about this: a person can style his room specifically to a given era by just picking out the right sword. If he likes King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, he has the option of trying to find a medieval styled sword to hang on the wall or place in a cover in the corner. If he prefers the valor of the samurai he can find the sweeping blades to adorn his walls. And if he wants to pay homage to the U.S. Cavalry men like Teddy Roosevelt he could probably find an authentic Cavalry sword online.

We are even seeing sword stores pop up in unlikely locations, like malls. Check out your own local mall. You might be surprised to see a blade store feature a variety of styles in the corner part of your local mall. And just about anyone can find what they need for a weapon or adornment there.

Swords also vary in their medium. Two different types of sword qualities exist. Stainless Steel, the most popular and thus easiest to find, often finds itself used for display or show. It does not have the durability of the Carbon steel, the type of swords often used at Renaissance festivals for fighting shows. Additionally, an owner can keep his sword in great shape with just a little sewing machine oil rub down.

We have even seen swords used in everyday sports that have become so popular even the Olympics features them. Meet fencing. Obviously the players have little possibility of hurting themselves thanks to smart body armor, but they still are wielding a weapon with a blade ferociously, gaining a good cardiovascular workout in the process. They also learn about how to engage in a fight with honor and valor, like many of the swords symbolize.

From Luke Skywalker's light saber to the swords that knight dukes today, the long bladed handle will always remind its owner of something important in his life. Every sword captures sparks an image in the eye of its owner, whether its that of a man fighting valiantly from the top of a horse, or a white clad athlete fighting for his country in the recent Olympics. Swords are here to stay.


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