Huntzinger's Karate

"We build Champions for Life, One Black Belt at a Time"

Appreciation Awards

Huntzingers Karate recognized those who help make our school a family. Many work behind the scenes in the office, organizing special events and help in bringing their grandchildren to our many activities.

We also recognized some of our students who have gone on to serve our country in the U.S. military. 

Billy Williams Longest in Flight Award

      The Billy Williams award is given to a student that demonstrates the ability for long distance kicks. This years recipient is Sensi Jason Poor. Jason is 16 years old and a Second Degree Black Belt.  Jason has been training at Huntzingers Karate for 11 years and is one of our many Junior Instructors.  After his first three years of training Sensei Jason set his eyes on becoming a leader and someday run classes on his own. Sensei Jason has accomplished this and even more, working on sharing his skills with our younger students and helping them attain there goals.

       This award holds an additional meaning to Sensei Jason, although he never had the honor to meet Billy, his family are long time friends with the Williams family. 

"It is not only an honor for me to have been given this award, its a big deal to my family, and I'm sure it means a lot to the Williams Family"      Jason Poor


Wilkes Barre School

 Black Belt Mark of Excellence  

 This award is given to our Black Belts who continue to excel in their training in the  Martial Arts. Attaining the rank of Black Belt takes many years of training, these Black Belts have chosen to continue their training and serve as role models for our younger students.