2013 brought the addition of a third school to the Huntzinger's Karate family. The Blakely School was opened on the Scranton Carbondale Highway, under the direction of Master Chris Ebert, a fifteen year student of Huntzinger's Karate. This school brings the Huntzinger's family orientated style of karate training to the Blakely area. The school provides training to students of all ages and abilities. 

      The year 2004 became a year of growth and a return to our roots. With enrollment increasing, the need to expand class availability became a priority. This lead to our return to Mt Top and the opening of our second full time school. The new school offers the same class structure as our Wilkes Barre school. The next year began with our students winning the WorldCup Championship for a third year in a row. Students also traveled to Rhode Island to compete at the Ocean State Grand Nationals. While there students not only brought home multiple trophies, they also met with martial arts Master Chuck Norris.       

       The separation of classes into belt ranks and age groups began in 1995. This allowed for the beginning of special classes to include child and adult self-defense. These specialized classes allowed Huntzinger's Karate to enter the realm of competitive karate in 1996.

        The new millennium brought more growth to Huntzinger's Karate. Classes are now available 6 days a week and curriculum covers students from the age of 4 thru adult. In addition, private lessons taught by our World Champion BlackBelts, were available to our students. These lessons provide one on one instruction for students looking to advance their karate careers.

      The dream of Huntzinger's Karate began in 1983 when our first school was opened in Mt Top. Students of all ages and skill levels attended classes at the new school.

      By 1990 our family approach to karate instruction brought so many students that we out grew our first school. The school moved from Mt Top to what has become our primary school in Wilkes Barre near the "Big Cow".

School Profile

Huntzinger's Karate

"We build Champions for Life, One Black Belt at a Time"

         With classes growing in size at our Mt Top school, the need for a larger training site became our next priority. In May 2014 we moved our Mt Top school to its new location at 59 S. Mountain Boulevard. The new school features a larger training floor as well as a private introduction area for new students. Huntzinger's Karate is committed to bring the most advanced facilities for our students, while keeping the family orientated atmosphere that is the foundation of our schools.

       To remain a top martial arts training facility, Huntzinger's Karate looked to make more advancements. We began to work with nationally recognized karate schools. These schools are know for such programs like " Kick Drugs Out of Schools". from this out reach two new programs were started at Huntzinger's Karate. First the Black Belt Leadership program. This program is designed to provide advanced leadership and martial arts training to our under belts working to attain their Black Belts. The second program is the Masters Club program. This program is to prepare our young Black Belts be cutting edge instructors.