" Huntzinger's Karate has helped my family feel good to know that I can defend myself. It helps give me confidence, not just protect myself. Over time Huntzinger's Karate has helped me physically and emotionally. My parents and grandparents are proud of what I have done in karate."

​PJ Marinko          Student

Start Building Your Child's Future Development with Martial Arts Training 

The best time to get your child into the martial arts is during their early school years. A martial arts mindset is developed to emphasize self-discipline and perseverance which leads to success here at Huntzinger's Karate, in school and in life. With progression thru an organized series or belt exams, each student will realize they can do just about anything they apply the skills we teach here at Huntzinger's Karate.

Mr. Frank Laezza - Parent

"Last year my younger son was having many difficulties at school, which included bad behavior, not focusing on teachers, bad grades and poor understanding of subjects. He also got in trouble and bothered other students. After one month of karate at Huntzinger's Karate, my son started to change for the better. Teachers were saying he had changed completely from a troubled kid to respectable, well-behaved young man, His grades are now A's & B's. I am very proud of his accomplishments and I owe these great changes to Master Huntzinger and all of his staff for turning my son into a well behaved person and very well focused on his academic ability."

"Huntzinger's Karate has played a big part in my academics, because it helps me manage my time for homework, studying, Karate and other sports as well."

Rebekah Betar - Student

Discover how martial arts training can improve your child's

confidence, focus and self-esteem.

Huntzinger's Karate

"We build Champions for Life, One Black Belt at a Time"