Huntzinger's Karate

"We build Champions for Life, One Black Belt at a Time"

Lori Vital - Parent

Learn from World Champions at Huntzinger's Karate, three time World Champion School. At Huntzinger's Karate we understand children want to have fun along with martial arts training. Huntzinger's Karate is the perfect activity for building character development while having fun. Our exciting, practical and professionally structured  curriculum was created over three decades. Along with martial arts training, character development and   child safety skills are priority here at Huntzingers's Karate. At Huntzinger's Karate "We Build Champions for Life".

"Huntzinger's Karate has been AMAZING for my kids! They learn to be so respectful, they are very confident. 100% I would recommend Huntzinger's Karate for anyone who is getting into karate for their CHILDREN."

Tracey Rinehimer          Parent

Building Character Thru Martial Arts Training

"My son who is 7 yrs. old has been taking karate lessons from Huntzinger's Karate for about 10 months. Before he started attending classes, he was very shy, bashful, and uncertain about himself when he was around others. Since he has been taking lessons, he has become much more confident and proud, He has not only been taught a varity of karate skills, but it has passed on into the other sports he plays as well," 

"Although there were many days in the begining when I wondered if I had made the right decision, it is clear that it was the best thing I could have done."

Thank You Huntzingers 

Mrs. Rosalind Bingman

Proud parent of Emily, Sara and Stephen

Discover the benefits of martial arts training during your childs early developmental years.