​Huntzinger's has given me an immense amount of confidence and tools that I need in an ever changing world. Since day one I was taught discipline, sportsmanship, honor, respect and most importantly how to defend myself against a variety of predators. In a few days I'm heading off to college and if I hadn't taken karate here at Huntzinger's I would not feel as comfortable and confident as I do walking across campus.  

"Huntzinger's Karate has prepared both my children Ryan and Lauren for bully situations. My little girl is small but she now has confidence a mile high."

Martial arts training provides character development, preparing teens for the pressures of life.

"Out of all the tests I've taken so far at Huntzinger's Karate, the Purple belt test was without a doubt the hardest one of all! This test taught me a lot of things. It not only taught me about endurance, but it taught me about perseverance as well. Not only in karate, but in life as well, especially in school. When a teacher assigns something I don't really want to do, I still do it despite the struggle. I will give it my all, Huntzinger's Karate has made me both physically and mentally strong."

Teens learn how to handle peer pressure thru martial arts training

We know Teens encounter considerable peer pressure, so right from the start our martial arts reinforces character development and the importance to make good choices. At Huntzinger's Karate we emphasize perseverance which leads to success in the martial arts, at school, and in life. 

At Huntzinger's Karate we will go out of our way to make sure your teenager has a great time enjoying the martial arts environment. While learning legendary martial arts skills, your teen will be introduced to life saving martial arts techniques, that will help them build self-confidence in their future endeavors. 

Brandon Drust - Black Belt

​Kat Ferriccui     Second Degree Brown Belt

Mrs. Heidi Touey -

 Poud Mom

Huntzinger's Karate

"We build Champions for Life, One Black Belt at a Time"