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Mr. Frank Laezza   Parent

" Karate is not only the art of combat but the most important thing is its discipline of mind over body.


"What karate means to me is being able to stand up for my friends and myself if ever I was to find myself in danger. My grades went from B's to A's because of karate. It has increased my focus and attention span while learning about discipline and self control."

it's .the honest truth about his pupils."

" I have learned about respect and discipline. I have learned that discipline means working hard at something, never giving up and listening to my instructors, parents and teachers. Huntzinger's Karate helps me stay in shape for other sport I like ,Soccer, Baseball and Basketball."

       John Hawley           Second Degree Black Belt

Huntzinger's Karate

"We build Champions for Life, One Black Belt at a Time"

.Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of physical fitness thru the Martial Arts.

Along with the benefits of physical fitness comes self confidence, extreme focus and the satisfaction of personal accomplishment



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 When Master Huntzinger
"We Build Champions for Life"

    Tommy Himlin         Black Belt